Show/Hide the Status Icon (Docky, SysTray Icon, etc.)

One user said he didn't want the status icon, and asked how to remove it. Now that he mentioned it, having control over the docky/SysTray icon is obvious. I just didn't think about it earlier. Anyway, v1.36 adds this missing ability. So, if you're someone who doesn't want the status icon flickering on your Workbench/Desktop, you've now got the power to disable it.

Unbanning Remote Machines

Another user managed to lock himself out of his own server by entering the wrong password one too many times. He asked if it were possible to unban clients via the UI. The answer was no at the time, but it's possible now.

There's More Coming

One user had a lengthy list of things he didn't like. I suppose some developers would hate users like this, but I appreciate knowing what it is that people want. Some of this feedback has been implemented, while others ended up on the to-do list. Still other feedback was already on the to-do list, but the priorities have been tweaked.

More Feedback Welcome

So, ZitaFTP Server users (including trial users), if you have suggestions, feedback, or think you've spotted a bug, then please use the built-in "Submit Feedback/Bug" button in the UI. It's a bright orange button in the lower right corner, so you can't miss it. You can also find it by right clicking on the docky/SysTray icon.

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