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Transfer files quickly and securely directly to/from your computer. ZitaFTP Server is a fast and secure FTP(S) server. It:

  • Is easy to setup
  • Enables secure, safe & private file transfer protected by SSL/TLS
  • Password cracking countermeasures keep hackers out of your files & server
  • Transfer large files
  • Supports multiple simultaneous transfers for speed
  • Web Administration – tweak the configuration remotely

ZitaFTP Server is available for the following platforms:

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USD $63.38USD $253.53

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ZitaFTP Server is a fast and easy to use file server. It’s a secure way to transfer files to/from your computer(s) using the FTP(S) protocol. Transfer files large and small from any computer/mobile-device that has a suitable FTP client.

ZitaFTP Server Dashboard

Easy to Install

Have a working file server in minutes, as is shown in the video below.

Secure, Safe & Private File Transfers

Use TLS/SSL encryption for transfers to keep your server secure and private. Encryption ensures that everything transferred to/from the server is kept safe from prying eyes. This includes both files and your username and password.

Password Cracking Countermeasures Keep Hackers Out

The internet is a risky neighbourhood. That’s because your internet neighbourhood is the entire world. Any computer/device on the internet can come knocking at your server’s door, whether they’re controlled by good people, bad people, or the downright evil. You want to keep the bad and evil ones out of your server.

ZitaFTP Server includes countermeasures against password cracking attempts (including brute force and dictionary attacks). The server slows down and then locks out would-be hackers who are trying to crack (guess) passwords. This keeps your server and files safe… provided you choose secure passwords.

Transfer Huge Files

ZitaFTP can handle files of any size. If it fits on your hard-drive, ZitaFTP can serve it. Of course, it can handle thousands of tiny files too…

Simultaneous Transfers for Speed

ZitaFTP Server supports multiple concurrent connections, enabling multiple files to be transferred at once. This includes multiple connections from the same client, and also many people accessing it at once.

Web Administration

Need to change server settings? Do so remotely with a web-browser, or directly at the server. It’s up to you.

Don’t want remote administration? It can be switched off, so the configuration can only be adjusted at the server itself.

Virtual Directories

Map physical directories on your computer to virtual directories on your FTP server. Or, have one directory for everything. It’s up to you.

Choosing Virtual Directories - ZitaFTP

Access Your Files From Anywhere Without “the Cloud” (Optional)

The following video shows how this is done:


IMPORTANT: ZitaFTP Server is currently available as a pre-release. This means that it still has rough edges and missing features (e.g., full-featured web-based configuration GUI). You’ll receive free updates as it’s polished and improved to full “version 1” level. If you do experience rough edges or have feature suggestions, then please send us a message.

Download free 30 day trial

Additional information

License Pack

Single License, 3 License Pack (use key on up to 3 machines), 6 License Pack (use key on up to 6 devices), 10 License Pack (use key on up to 10 devices)

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  • Fantastic tool, a must for all OS 4 users

    I purchased ZitaFTP shortly after its release. I found it to be very well-written and stable. The upgrades have been welcome, and I feel this tool is fully featured and as mature as you will find on any platform. I run it on my AmigaOS 4 system at startup and will always do so.

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