I've long considered AI to be overhyped, and kind of annoying. All that AI generated content, from over the top articles, through to images that don't look quite right (e.g., a sheep with 10 legs instead of 4). However, I've stumbled on an AI tool that has me genuinely impressed. Here's why...

AI Video Thumbnail analysis

Here's the thumbnail for my previous video:

Resource Manager Thumbnail

The AI thumbnail analyzer noted all the key features:

  • A cartoon pig
  • The pig is wearing a pilgrim hat
  • Game related content
  • Clear and brief text
  • Vibrant colours

It's managed to pick out and describe all the key features.

This impresses me for two reasons:

  1. When I was working on my Ph.D. in computer vision, fellow researchers were still focusing on individual tasks, such as face detection, facial recognition using algorithms such as eigenfaces, and finding hands in a scene. Whole image analysis wasn't feasible. We've come a very long way since then, and the engineer in me is very impressed (I've got some idea of how much R&D this takes)
  2. It's actually useful. In addition to correctly analyzing the thumbnail, it also gives recommendations on how to design better thumbnails

Improving Video Production

This is part of a tool called VidIQ (affiliate link) that I'm using to upgrade my video making skills. It's helping with everything from keyword research and topic selection through to video titles and thumbnails (as already demonstrated).

It's like having a personal coach and assistant for video production. VidIQ even has a mini-course on how to create more engaging videos that people want to watch.

The goal is to produce better content that in turn helps me to serve you better.

BTW, if you have a YouTube channel, and want to make better videos and get more people watching your content, then I highly recommend trying out VidIQ (click here). Even the free tier is useful.

DISCLAIMER: You Still Have to Use Your Brain

That's not to say that the AI is perfect. As always, you have to run all AI recommendations and generated content through your very real Human Intelligence (HI) in order to create something truly great. Consider the AI content to be a starting point. Use it to seed your own creativity.

What Other AI Could Be Genuinely Useful?

This has piqued my interest. I'd like to take a closer look at AI, when I have time. Analytical AI, that is NOT generative AI. I'm more interested in the analysis side...

Know of any good AI papers or open-source projects for me to look at? Leave them in the comments section below, along with any other thoughts that you may have.


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