I have a new ZitaFTP Server update for you. This one has a major new feature that's almost invisible (and that's by design). The new feature is: countermeasures against password cracking. It's designed to keep hackers out of your server and your machine, keeping your files safe.

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More specifically, it protects against brute-force and dictionary type password cracking attempts. These attempts involve repeatedly trying different username and password combinations until they finally stumble on one that gets them in. It may sound impractical, but remember that these attacks are automated. Without any countermeasures, many password combinations could be attempted automatically per-second. ZitaFTP Server's password cracking prevention slows down and locks out would-be hackers, thereby keeping your files safe.

Future Work

ZitaFTP Server is currently designed to be an easy to use private network server. It's perfectly capable of being an internet facing FTP server, but deliberately haven't added that ability to the UI. That's because the internet is a risky neighbourhood.

In the physical world, thieves can rattle windows and doors at night, looking for one that's loose (had that happen in Toronto one night). If they find a loose one, they sneak in. Well, on the internet the entire globe is your neighbourhood. Every single computer on the internet could potentially communicate with your internet facing server, meaning that good, bad, and downright evil people could all potentially come knocking, or rattling your server's virtual windows.

I simply wasn't comfortable adding internet server features to the UI without some kind of countermeasures against hacking attempts. The countermeasures are now here, so adding UI features to make setting up a full internet facing FTP server will be next (e.g., handling an external domain & TLS certificate).

In the meantime, you can download and install ZitaFTP Server, as it stands today:

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