I've been working on The CMake Tutorial for the last few months. It's designed to help get people up to speed with modern CMake, quickly. I'm pleased to announce that it's finally available... in pre-release form.

The first 6 chapters are done, and take you from nothing through to building software complete with linking to external libraries (OS libraries, open-source, closed-source). Since this is already very useful, I decided not to make people wait any longer. So, you can get it now, as-is.

You'll get the following:

  • The first six chapters immediately
  • Updates as new chapters are written
  • The full book once it's done
  • A 40% discount (yes, you'll get the full book at 40% off the planned full price)

If you're a C++ "noob," or are a C++ veteran like me who's avoided CMake like the plague, then The CMake Tutorial is for you.

Click here to get The CMake Tutorial.

The CMake Tutorial Cover small

What About the Video Course

Short answer: the video course is planned, but doesn't exist yet. I wanted to get something out there as soon as possible, and working on two things at once slows you down.

Don't worry, you can get The CMake Tutorial in book form today, and upgrade to the video course when it's done.