When ZitaFTP Server was first released for the Amiga computer, its usefulness was limited by the lack of a secure FTP client for the Amiga. However, that's now changed with the release of RNOXfer.

I'm pleased to say that works well with ZitaFTP Server. I'm really happy to see an FTPS client released for AmigaOS, because users no longer need to wait until I write an FTP client. It's here now.

I'm so happy to see RNOXfer released, that I'll donate 25% of all ZitaFTP Server sales over the next week (until 14 April 2020) to RNOXfer's author. So, 25% of the sales price of any ZitaFTP purchase will go to the author of RNOXfer. You'll be supporting two AmigaOS developers in one go.

Click here to get ZitaFTP Server.

EDIT (16 April 2020): I sent the donation for ZitaFTP Server sales to RNOXfer's author yesterday, plus a little extra from me. Many thanks to those who purchased over the last week and supported us.