I created ZitaFTP Server in part because I needed an efficient way to compile my software on one machine, and test it on another (an Amiga). This helps especially with driver development, because driver testing requires multiple restarts. Compiling everything on my Windows machine allows me to keep working even while the other machine is restarting. No need to reload the code editor all the time. As a bonus, I can do a parallel build using all cores (which will only be possible on the Amiga when ExecSG multicore is finally done).

Watch the video above to see how I do it. In a nutshell:

  1. Install ZitaFTP Server on your test machine (or machines)
  2. Add a directory to serve that you'll upload your test binaries to (e.g., your Development: assign, if you have one)
  3. In ZitaFTP, go to the Settings=>Server page, and set "user" and "group" execute bit for new files. That way, you can execute the newly built binary without having to manually set the execute bit every time (be sure to click save to activate it)
  4. Download ZitaFTPForTesting.zip (link) on your development machine (the one you'll be compiling binaries on)
  5. Put the remotetest.sh script next to your makefile, and edit it with your details (username, IP address, target path, etc.)
  6. Add the remoteinstall makefile snippet found in ZitaFTPForTesting.zip to your makefile

With all of the above done, you can execute a "make remoteinstall" from a console window, and it'll compile your software and upload it to the test machine.

NOTE: Remember to copy any necessary data files to your test machine first. The scripts I've given assume that you'll only upload the compiled binary, and not data files. Feel free to modify the upload script to suit your needs.

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Found This Useful? Got Your Own Variation?

Let me know in the comments (or via email) if you've got a success story using the method above. Or, if it's inspired you to come up with your own variation that uses ZitaFTP Server as part of your software development setup.