I'm pleased to announce that ZitaFTP Server v1.33 is out now, and available for download. As usual, it's got one major new feature, and fixes for a bunch of niggling little issues.

Click here to watch the video on Odysee.

Free Automated SSL/TLS Certificate Generation and Renewal

Users can now get and renew their SSL certificates automatically via Let's Encrypt and ZeroSSL (affiliate link). Both will let you create free certificates for your server, provided that it's visible over the internet (on the standard HTTP port 80).

You'll also need a domain name, and probably a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service. Dynu is the one I used for testing, and you can get a subdomain from them for free.

Other Changes

  • Server settings UI wouldn't allow the maximum number of clients to be set to 0 (infinite). FIXED
  • Server settings UI wasn't showing error messages immediately. FIXED
  • Fixed a rare "SSL routines:ssl3_write_pending:bad write retry" error that could cause HTTP requests to be cut off
  • Now recognizes HTTP proxy headers, so it won't treat proxy connections as local
  • Local peer detection wasn't working properly for HTTPS connections. FIXED
  • Fixed a possible SEGV fault if a receive error occurred before the start of an HTTP message (e.g., a client tries to establish an HTTPS connection on an HTTP port)
  • Fixed a silly bug that flipped the HTTP port number's endianness

Try it Out

Existing users can update via the automated update system. New users...

Click here to download ZitaFTP Server.