I'm pleased to announce another ZitaFTP Server update is available now. This is version 1.21, and it's primarily a bug-fix and fault tolerance update. Here's what's new:

  • Multiple bug-fixes: For example, adding/editing/deleting users or directories wouldn't take effect until after a manual restart. This is now fixed, and the UI will ask you if you want to restart to apply new changes when it's needed
  • Fault tolerance: The server used to spit out an error and shutdown if something went wrong, such as missing TLS security certificates. A rather poor user experience. Version 1.21 will inform you of the problem, and give you the opportunity to fix it
  • Licensing UI moved to the web-based GUI: While it definitely looks an behaves better, this was done now rather than later in preparation for the Windows version. Windows doesn't allow servers/services to show a GUI directly for security reasons (servers usually run at a higher privilege level, with access to more of the system). So, ZitaFTP Server needs to be split into a pure server, plus a GUI program (on Windows, the AmigaOS version can remain as-is)

 The Windows version is coming, but there's more work to do. If you're interested in testing the Windows version as soon as it's ready, then contact me to let me know.