TL;DR, ZitaFTP Server isn't quite ready. The trial version will be released ASAP. 

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Quick summary:

  • Zita FTP Server isn't quite ready yet
  • I had hoped to have a trial version ready on release day (Tuesday 20 August 2019), but I'd better slow down
  • There were lots of last-minute tasks to do, but the licensing code has been the biggest
  • I learnt from a previous project that it's better to release a time-limited trial with all features enabled rather than a demo with features disabled
  • Unfortunately, the licensing code I bought was of poor quality, including uninitialized variable bugs. So, it's taken a lot more time than expected
  • Added to that, the contractor who was supposed to link the licensing server to the ecommerce store couldn't handle it, meaning I have to do that myself too
  • A trial version will be released ASAP
  • I'll announce when the trial version is ready for download via the mailing list. Sign up to the newsletter to get the trial as soon as it's released (click here)