Last week I published a teaser announcing that I was releasing ZitaFTP Server soon, but I guess an obvious question would be: why? It might surprise you that I wasn't actually thinking of an FTP server when I started.

I was just sick of the lack of good ways to transfer files between my Amiga and other computers. Sure we've had Samba for decades, but it's always been a nightmare to set up and as time goes on and the protocol gets updated and our Samba port gets left behind it just got worse and worse.

Yes, we've got SMBFS. I've had a little more success with that. However, I've still found it fiddly, and I don't like putting passwords and plain text in scripts.

And yes, we have a few FTP servers (for AmigaOS), but they're all without security without encryption, and I don't like the idea of sending passwords in plain text. It just sounds like a bad idea.

You might have noticed a pattern here: I like having a little bit of security in there, so that if someone steals my machine or manage to hack into the network, then they don't immediately have access to everything.

So, that's why I eventually decided let's write my own FTP server.

Why FTP instead of file sharing using CIFS? Well, it's the fastest way to get decent file sharing. All I want to do is be able to transfer files from one machine to another. The CIFS standard is huge, there are dialects, and quirks of different implementations. By contrast, FTP is pretty straightforward. Plus, FTP is a common way to transfer files outside of a local area network as well.

So, I started writing... well I wrote a quick test program first just to see how quickly could I get a really really basic FTP server running, or the beginnings of one. Then,  after that I decided let's do it properly. By properly, I mean be able to handle more than one connection at a time, and all that kind of good stuff.

I still have some work to do before it's ready for release. Even a pre-release has got to be good. So I better get to work. I will talk to you later.

See ya...

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