After a long delay, I'm pleased to announce that Part III of The CMake Tutorial book is done. Life events got in the way of writing, but that didn't stop me. It just slowed me down. Those who have bought the book can download an updated copy using the download link from your order (see the order complete/invoice email). Or, log into your account, and download it there.

Part III is all about making your own libraries. It covers creating both static and shared libraries, and how to structure them for sharing with others (including auto-generating API documentation).

NOTE FOR AMIGAOS USERS: Shared library here are DLLs, or shared objects. AmigaOS shared libraries are rather unique, and CMake doesn't directly cater for them.

Introductory Discount to Remain, For Now...

I've decided to keep the large 40% introductory discount in place for now. The book is about 60% done now, and the lower price is a thank-you to those willing to invest in a partially done book, on the promise that it'll be finished later.

So, the sale price remains. But don't rely on it staying that way...

Act now if you want to get the book at a steep discount (click here). The price will go up as the book gets closer to completion.

What About the Video Course?

I'll start work on the video course version of The CMake Tutorial after the book is done. Doing both at the same time will just delay completion for everything, and I don't want to keep customers waiting.

Get the book version now. You'll get a chance to upgrade to the video course once it's done.