Spam and captchas; two really annoying things. One (spam) is the reason why the other (captchas) exists. Today I made the switch from Mollom to Google's reCaptcha, and here's why.

Last week I asked people to post their Cow3D benchmark results in the comments, and that exposed a problem. Some reported that it was impossible to get past the Mollom captcha. This included an iPhone and AmigaOS. So, I started looking for an alternative; preferably one that would work on AmigaOS. I found one; sort-of. Google's reCaptcha works on AmigaOS, but only if browser spoofing is enabled.

Posting Comments Using Odyssey Web Browser on AmigaOS

If you use Odyssey to post a comment here, the chances are high that the reCaptcha box will tell you to upgrade to a supported browser. Yes, it claims that Odyssey isn't good enough. Not true! To get around this you need to enable browser spoofing, so that Google thinks you're using a supported browser like FireFox or Chrome. Select an appropriate browser from Settings => Spoof as.

Can't Captchas Be Disabled?

Alas, no. They're annoying but necessary. This website gets a continual onslaught of comment spam attempts. Lately, a few have been getting though every day, which I have to delete manually. So the captchas are annoying, but necessary. Hopefully reCaptcha will be easier for people to use while still blocking spam effectively. I'd like legitimate comments to get through.