It's been about a month since I signed up to LBRY, and started syncing my YouTube videos there. LBRY is an alternative video sharing website. I signed up after watching a video about a blackmailer using a "botnet" to take down people's videos, and then threaten to take down more videos unless a payment was sent. The blackmailer/extortionist was using a botnet to flood videos with complaints, thereby triggering a takedown.

Anyway, after a month of using LBRY, what do I think?

It's Interesting...

LBRY stores videos in a distributed manner, and uses blockchain; the same technology behind digital cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In fact, they have their own digital currency called the LBry Coin (LBC), and you can publish videos that people must pay to watch.

It's biggest feature is that, due to the storage method, nobody except the uploader can take down videos. YouTube has been accused of censorship due to taking down people's videos, and even deleting entire channels. That's one of the reasons that I started syncing my videos. Having a backup on a service where even the service's creators can't delete my videos is appealing.

Downside 1: It Doesn't Work on Old Browsers

LBRY is completely dependent on modern Javascript, which means it won't work with older browsers. This includes all browsers currently available on AmigaOS.

Downside 2: It Needs More Content (and Better Search)

A video sharing website's true value is in the uploaded content. And, the ability to find the content you want. YouTube is great with both; LBRY needs work with both.

LBRY encourages new users to subscribe to many channels, but I finding channels that interest me was on the hard side. Being built on blockchain has attracted a lot of channels about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, which I'm not particularly interested in. Their key feature that even LBRY's creators can't delete your videos has also attracted the kind of people who are worried that YouTube might take down their content (e.g., those with more extreme political viewpoints).

Got A YouTube Channel? Sync Your Channel to LBRY (It's Easy)

LBRY needs more quality content. So, if you have a YouTube channel with at least 100 subscribers,** then I'd like to invite you to sign up, and start syncing your channel too. It's really easy.

To start, simply click this link.

After signing up, go to


** NOTE: Everyone is invited to sign up to LBRY. However, it really does need more quality content, which is why I'm extending a special invite to other "YouTubers"...