I've been playing around with alt. tech. platforms. So, you can now use some of them to get your Kea Sigma Delta news, if that's your preferred channel...

Why Alt. Tech?

The tech. giants have created very convenient and easy to use platforms, so why use anything else? One word: freedom. Facebook, Google, & co. are used by so many people that they effectively control the flow of information between the billions of humans. They can also track and monitor most of humanity's online behaviour.

That's way too much power in the hands of a few, and it will inevitably be abused. In fact, we've already seen this happening. The level of censorship under the guise of "protecting you from misinformation" last year was embarrassing. Even more embarrassing, some of the censored "misinformation" now turns out to be true, or at least have enough evidence to warrant a proper investigation instead of being dismissed off hand by "experts."

If we value our freedom (and I certainly do), then it's vital to have alternatives. We need to ensure that no one organization has anywhere near a monopoly on tracking and controlling the flow of information. I've been looking at ways to reduce my dependence on big tech. I'm not there yet, but am making progress...

No Third Party Tracking Here

All third-party tracking cookies have been removed from this website (keasigmadelta.com), including Google Analytics. I was always a bit uneasy about the advertising cookies, and now they're gone. I do have a privacy conscious analytics alternative, but it doesn't set any cookies, and will NOT track you across millions of other websites.

Alternative News Channels

You can now get your Kea Sigma Delta news on the following platforms:

  • Flote - similar to Twitter, but minus the censorship
  • Gab - absolute freedom of speech Twitter/Facebook alternative
    NOTE: Currently rather dominated by US politics (right-leaning); would be great to have more non-political content here (e.g., AmigaOS, building stuff, etc.)
  • Minds - an interesting decentralized blend of Facebook & YouTube
    NOTE: Currently rather dominated by politics, but could be nice if more people used it for more interesting topics (like AmigaOS, and building stuff)
  • Odysee - a.k.a., LBRY, a distributed video platform
  • Rumble - YouTube alternative
  • Telegram - an instant messenger with groups and channels

Use whichever channel(s) you prefer to get your news from. You could also use this website's RSS feeds. As always, I highly recommend signing up to the email newsletter.

Distributed Search

One night I started thinking about how to decentralize online search, so nobody had majority control. It turns out that there's a group already working on it called Presearch. I have yet to see if their search results are higher quality than DuckDuckGo's, but I like the concept behind it. DuckDuckGo is a nice Google alternative, but it's search results simply aren't as good.

Presearch is still young, so it'll be interesting to see what it becomes. In the meantime, click here to check it out.

NOTE: You do need to sign up to use it, because it's also blockchain based, and you can earn tokens while using it (and I get a referral bonus if you sign up via the link above).

Anything Else?

Got another social network that you think Kea Sigma Delta should be on? Let me know in the comments below. No guarantees, though, because there are too many of them to keep track of.