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I'm working on a DIY Mini-ITX Laptop Kit for which will allow you to do just that


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About the Kit


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It'll enable you to build a laptop from a Mini-ITX motherboard and parts of your choosing (within the power limits of a portable system). Basically, you'll be able to build a laptop the same way a desktop PC is built. No soldering or special motherboards needed; simply choose your components and assemble.

Yes, it'll be a fat laptop since it has to fit a Mini-ITX motherboard, but it will be portable, battery powered, and contain the hardware of your choosing (e.g., A1222/Tabor if you're an AmigaOS fan).

Who is it For?

  1. People who enjoy making stuff who'd like to build a laptop from parts (and choose what those parts are)
  2. AmigaOS 4.x fans who want a fully-featured portable machine. Based on the A1222/Tabor motherboard, it'll run AmigaOS 4.x natively and include full 3D graphics acceleration via Warp3D Nova 3D (a.k.a., PORtable Tabor Incorporating Amigaone, or PORTIA). This is the fastest path to a true AmigaOS laptop within an acceptable time-frame and cost

What'll it Look Like?

That's still to be determined. I'm using a 14" screen because it roughly matches the 360x260mm footprint required to fit all other components in. Height is still uncertain, other than that it'll clearly be fat.

NOTE: I'm aware of the thin Mini-ITX standard, which trims down the maximum height used by the components and backplate. However, I'm focusing on Mini-ITX for now.

What's the Battery Life?

That depends on the components you choose, and what you're using the machine for. I have a 93 WH battery pack (within the 100WH allowed on an airplane), and measured 28W power usage when I put my A1222/Tabor under as heavy a processing load as possible. So battery usage is measured in hours even when under heavy usage.

What about Wifi?

Two options:

  • A small wifi router that works in client mode (probably used as an external device)
  • A USB wifi stick (could be mounted internally, but requires drivers)

When Will it Be Done?

There's no set completion date. Sign up to the mailing list below so you can follow the project and be notified when it's done.


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