It's finally here: The Kea Campus membership portal is finally open and waiting for you. I first started hinting about it two months ago (link). I ran a survey, documented the process of building the membership portal, got delayed... and now it's finally here. But what is it? Who is it for? And what's inside?

To answer those questions you need to understand why it exists first.

NOTE: The following is a summary. I highly recommend you watch the video above.

Why Kea Campus?

Down the bottom of the KSD website is the tagline: "We enjoy creating awesome stuff using software & electronics, and helping others to do the same."

So far this tagline has been more aspirational than reality. Sure, I've written a few e-books and created some videos, but I've mostly been too busy building my own stuff to help others do the same.

It's not that I didn't want to, but I couldn't figure out how to make it financially sustainable. Until now, that is. Hence, the Kea Campus membership portal. The goal is to provide you with content that'll speed you on the path of software & DIY mastery, so you can create awesome stuff yourself, and even earn a living doing so.

No, I'm NOT talking about creating yet more information, or yet another "learn to code" series. Everything you need to know is already available online, for free. Just good luck finding "the good stuff" that will actually help you achieve your dreams. Information overload is our modern reality. Instead, I want to create something that can guide you on the right path, and deliver the right information at the right time. Kea Campus is the membership portal through which I plan to deliver on that goal.

What is the Kea Campus?

It's a portal containing:

  • Early access to future videos (up to a week before everyone else sees it)
  • Exclusive members-only content
  • Mini-series & full-blown courses
  • The ability to track progress through mini-series & courses (i.e., keep track of what you've seen/done)
  • Space to network & collaborate with with like-minded fellow campus members

Who is it For? And What do You Get?

There are three membership tiers for different kinds of people:

  • The Observer tier: For those who want to be close to the action, but don't necessarily want to be actively involved. You'll get:
    • Access to future videos up to a week before they go public
    • Exclusive members only content
    • The ability to track your progress through various mini-series, so you know what you've seen, and what you haven't
    • Access to the forums
  • The Creator tier: For those who want to learn faster, be actively involved, and make things. You get:
    • Everything from the Observer tier, plus
    • Access to downloadable examples/templates & more
  • The Elite or "all access" tier: For those who want the absolute max You get:
    • Access to everything. So, everything from the previous tiers, plus
    • Access to all courses as they become available (NOTE: the courses are yet to be created)
    • Your name in the credits at the end of my videos; once for every month that you're a member. Of course, this is optional. If you want to remain anonymous, then you can

I may throw in some bonuses (for all tiers) later, but I don't want to promise anything unless I know that I can deliver.

Oh yeah, those who like my work, videos, and the software I write are welcome to join too. Being a campus member is a great way to help me do more of the same. If that's you, then you have my heartfelt thanks and gratitude. I'll do my best to reward you with great value.

Amiga Corner

There's also a dedicated Amiga corner in the campus, for all my fellow Amiga fans. It's rather bare right now, but will be growing soon...

Become a Founding Member

I invite you to join as a founding member. Yes, right now!

Full disclosure: The portal is a bit bare right now, because it's early days. I look forward to building up the portal over the coming weeks, months, and years.

Despite this, joining now does have some unique benefits:

  • You'll get locked in at the founding member price for life, as long as you remain a member in good standing
  • Your input will help shape what the campus becomes. As a member you'll be able to tell me what you want, and influence what gets added
  • Finally, there's something special about being part of a community in the early days, when it's smaller, more intimate, and you can have more meaningful discussions with everyone, and don't feel like you're lost in the crowd

Now is the Time

At this point internet marketers would create scarcity through deadlines, and member limits to instill the fear of missing out in you so that you buy now. Actually, first they'd stack up a ridiculous number of bonuses that you have no time to even look at, and then they'd hit you with scarcity.

Here's the simple truth: I have no set deadline nor do I have a fixed limit, because this is a pilot program. It's new for me. Nevertheless, the founding member deal won't last forever. After all, it doesn't make sense to call someone a founding member if they join months later now, does it? Likewise, and I will close the doors if I feel that the numbers are growing too much to maintain a good the founding member's vibe.

So, do act now. Now is the opportunity. Now is the time.


The Kea Campus is now open, and you have the unique opportunity to be there right from the start as a founding member. The campus is for:

  • Those who want to support my work, and see more of it, and
  • For those who want to master software, electronics, DIY, and create awesome stuff

Click here to learn more and/or sign up.

See you on the inside.