This should make Amiga computer fans smile: has AmigaOS amongst its list of known platforms. I discovered it while adding ZitaFTP Server to its list of FTP servers. It was nice to see AmigaOS on the list, although they seem to be missing its logo (maybe someone should send them the boingball logo). See the image above.

Being recognized as an OS is becoming increasingly rare, as AmigaOS' time as a major OS platform is long gone. For example, Google Analytics still has no idea what AmigaOS is. Smaller analytics platforms such as Plausible do, though.

AlternativeTo's AmigaOS support is limited, though. It isn't listed as a platform in the main menu (up the top), so there's no way to view only AmigaOS apps listed on the website. Maybe that's because not many are listed. Maybe that's something that AmigaOS developers/publishers should fix (hint, hint).

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