ZitaFTP Server v1.34 has just been released, and can be downloaded here. This version marks a major milestone: it's no longer a pre-release.

No, this doesn't mean it's perfect. I have plenty more features and enhancements to add. ZitaFTP Server has matured to the point that the pre-release label can be removed. It's a solid product.

Click here to watch the video on Odysee.

Refreshed Logo

The ZitaFTP Server logo has been refreshed, and is looking nice (see below). It's been incorporated into the installers too, so the generic banners are gone.

ZitaFTPServerIcon 256Enhancements and Fixes

In brief, here are the (cross-platform) enhancements and bug fixes:

  • UI sidebar menu now only shows the pages that a user has access to
  • Enabled Link-Time-Optimization (LTO) for release builds. This reduces the compiled binary size by removing unused library code (and other optimizations)
  • Fixed timer event removal to eliminate a SEGV fault on exit when the ACME autorenewal client is active
  • Fixed a potential hang in the event loop with slow tasks (such as ACME certificate renewal tasks)
  • Fixed thread pool so more than one thread can run at once

AmigaOS Specific Improvements

The AmigaOS version got some special attention this time round. Here's what AmigaOS users have to look forward to:

  • Added an AREXX port
  • Installer now has upgrade and maintenance modes when an existing installation is detected. Upgrading just got easier
  • Added AutoInstall script
  • Updated libcurl to use AmiSSL, and deleted the statically linked OpenSSL that was there only for libcurl (reduces the binary size by several megabytes)

Learn More

Click here for more about ZitaFTP Server.

Click here to download ZitaFTP Server.