I'm pleased to announce that the first ZitaFTP Server update for 2022 is finally here! As usual, there are bug fixes and improvements. The big new feature is that you can now use proper signed SSL/TLS certificates, which is very useful when making ZitaFTP Server accessible over the internet.

Click here to watch the video on Odysee.

If you're looking for free SSL certificates, I recommend ZeroSSL (affiliate link). Unlike LetsEncrypt, ZeroSSL allows you to create free certificates manually, so you don't need an ACME client in order to create certificates (which ZitaFTP doesn't have built in yet). So, you can generate a free certificate, and enable auto-renewal later, when ZitaFTP gains that ability. I plan to support both LetsEncrypt and ZeroSSL.

I was going to release a video showing how to set up ZitaFTP to be accessible over the internet instead of just your local network. However, I ran out of time, so that'll have to wait until later. I didn't want to delay this release any further.

The process of getting ZitaFTP online is pretty easy, at least on the ZitaFTP side. Configuring port-forwarding on your router may take a bit more work. Either way, you can download this update now.

Click here to download ZitaFTP Server.