ZitaFTP Server version 1.11 is now available for download. This is mostly a bug-fix version with the following changes:

  • Added workaround for impatient clients that trigger an ECONNRESET on file upload completion. This helps TotalCommander to complete multiple file uploads (it was cancelling the queue after receiving the upload error message)
  • A send failure in the QUIT command (e.g., triggered by TotalCommander) would crash the server. FIXED
  • AmiDOCK preferences wasn't showing ZitaFTP Server's name. FIXED
  • Error message when a directory to be served cannot be found was confusing. Made it much clearer as to what's wrong, and what to do about it

This addresses some niggling issues with Total Commander, plus a few other minor tweaks/enhancements.

There's also one other change, which is hidden from view. Here's a sneak peak:

ZitaFTPServer Windows SysTray Notification IconYes, that's ZitaFTP Server running on Windows, with feature parity to the AmigaOS version. The Microsoft Windows version isn't ready for release yet, but it does exist and is being actively worked on.