Yes, it's been a long time coming, and it's finally here! I first hinted at there being a Windows version of ZitaFTP over a year ago. I'm a little nervous about releasing it (always am with new code), but it's ready to go out into the wild. You can get it here (link).

The Windows version already has a feature that the Amiga version doesn't: the UI runs in its own window; no external browser needed. This isn't possible on AmigaOS because it doesn't have a webview gadget (at least, not a modern one).

AmigaOS users, you haven't been forgotten. There's a new version out for you too. It has all of the fixes and enhancements made over the last few months (excluding the webview).

Feedback Welcome

The biggest change that you'll notice, is a new "Submit Feedback" button in the lower right corner of the UI. It's also there in the SysTray/docky menu. Simply right-click on the ZitaFTP server icon in the SysTray (or dock, on AmigaOS), and select "Submit Feedback." Please use it if you find a bug, or have a suggestion on how to make ZitaFTP even better.

User feedback is critical, especially in this pre-release phase. I want to make ZitaFTP the best it can be, and your feedback can help.

Click here to get ZitaFTP Server