I was going to release a ZitaFTP Server update today. Alas, I missed the target for various reasons, the most annoying of which is Windows 10 killing my productivity. Watch the video above to see what happened, and to get a peek at what the next ZitaFTP Server update will look like...


On Wednesday afternoon my Windows laptop slowed down to an absolute crawl ... for the entire afternoon! Windows 10 decided to download updates, and for whatever reason, this slows down my machine for hours. It could be the limited memory and slowish hard-drive which I've been meaning to upgrade. Whatever the case, that' half a day's productivity gone. Boom! All gone.

My goal was to convert the existing makeshift quick configuration GUI to the new web-based GUI.** That may have been too ambitious for the week because there was still quite a bit of low-level programming to do. This, combined with Windows 10 killing my productivity and other things demanding my time resulted in missing the release target.

The new configuration wizard is taking shape. Watch the end of the video to see it.

Hopefully I'll have a new release in a few weeks time...


** The makeshift GUI is basically a series of dialog boxes (a.k.a., requesters in AmigaOS terminology). It's amazing what you can do with a few dialog boxes. ;-)