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The place for serious and aspiring developers & creators, and their supporters...

What's the Vision?

Kea Campus' purpose, is to help you create awesome stuff with software & electronics.

I envision it being part education, part community, and a lot of fun and creativity. It'll be a living space, continually growing and evolving along with all of us.

What are the Benefits of being a Founding Member?

Full disclosure: the member's portal is rather bare right now, because it's only just been set up. I look forward to building it up over the coming weeks, months, & years.

Meantime, here are the advantages of getting in early...

Get locked in at the founding member price for life (as long as you remain a member in good standing)
Help shape the campus. Your input will help me to tailor the portal to best serve you
Enjoy the special vibe that comes with getting in early. The community will be smaller, more intimate. You'll have more meaningful conversations, and won't feel like you get lost in the crowd.

Like my Work? Want to See More?

Join the campus. You'll support creating more software/content, and be an insider.

Kea Campus

What's Inside

Here's how your learning & creativity will be accelerated...

See videos before everyone else: Watch videos up to a week before they're made public
Exclusive members only content: Learn more with exclusive videos & other content
Mini-Series and Courses: Learn topics in more depth with mini-series and full-blown courses
Track your progress: You'll know at a glance what you've seen & done in mini-series & courses, and what you still have to look forward to
Network & collaborate: Chat and work with like minded campus members via the private forums
Get help when you need it: Via the forums and customer support

100% Money Back Guarantee

We're confident that we deliver great value, and that you'll love what we deliver. So confident, that we have a 60 day money-back guarantee.

I'm ready to start the journey

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Choose the membership tier that most suits you.


USD $5.72 / month

For those who want to be close to the action.

See videos up to a week before everyone else**
Exclusive members-only content
Access to private forums
(be part of the community)



USD $11.47 / month

For serious (and aspiring) creators & software developers.

Everything in the Observer tier
Download example-code, templates & more (for use in your own projects)

Elite (All Access)

USD $28.72 / month

For those who want even more...

Everything in the Observer & Creator tiers
Access to all courses
Your name in the credits of videos (once for every month of membership)***

NOTE: Prices include local taxes (e.g., GST).

** Time sensitive videos may be released to the public earlier.

*** This is optional. It's fine if you want to remain anonymous.

Need help? We are here for you...

If you have a question, simply click the "Contact Us" button to reach out to our team.