A few years ago I wrote a bunch of tutorials for Warp3D Nova with the intent of helping other people learn how to use it. This was back when it was first introduced. Anyway since then those tutorials have kind of gotten lost on myblog, kind of buried. So, at Jamie's suggestion (thanks Jamie), I've collected them all into one document, added a few more tutorials and turned them into a book, which will be both in print and on Kindle.

It looks quite nice (see the video above), except for the "not for resale banner" they stick across proofs. Don't worry, that won't be on yours. Anyway, this is coming out soon.

It's actually roughly twice as thick as the OpenGL tutorials book that I did, because I've added a few more tutorials and more information. In fact it's roughly as thick as the OpenGL tutorials and the graphics primer combined, because a lot of what's in the graphics primer is in this new book too.

So, this will be available soon in both Kindle and physical copy, whichever you prefer. It will hopefully be ready in about a week (I still have a little bit more to do). When it's released I'll have an introductory offer (i.e., a special price) for 48 hours.  So, keep an eye out for my
email if you're on my email list, and if you're, use the signup form below, and then you'll know when it happens. See you then.

EDIT: It's published! Follow the links below:



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