This blog is about to get more technical, because we're going back to what we do best: software/technology development. My vision has always been that Kea Sigma Delta would be a tech. company that develops products to help Do-It-Yourself (DIY) type people like me. We've drifted away from that while focusing on photography related items. Now its time to return to our roots.

As part of the reboot, this website has been completely revamped and upgraded. Some old content didn't make it through the transition. Sorry about that. You can still download Relight for free, though.

Likewise, you can still get our flexible tripod and selfie stick, and at huge discounts too:

What's Next?

As said above, this blog is going to have a more technical focus. The plan is to pull back the curtain on what goes into writing software, and/or designing electronic gadgets. If you're into designing/building tech. stuff, then what's coming should be right up your alley. I invite you to enter your email address in the form below, so that you'll get updated whenever there's something new and interesting to read.

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