I've just come back from the AmiWest show. It's the first time that I've attended, and it was great to be there. I got to:

  • Meet and chat with other Amiga users & developers
  • Listen to Bob "Kodiak" Burns (one of the original developers) talk about developing the Amiga and working for Commodore
  • Hear Colin Proudfoot's stories about his time at Commodore
  • See what other people have been working on (e.g., the A.L.I.C.E. laptop, vampire FPGA accelerator, etc.)
  • And more (I'm trying to keep this brief)

The machine containing the vampire FPGA accelerator was definitely the fastest Amiga 500 I've ever seen. Meeting people I've only ever spoken to via online forum and/or email was great. It was surprising to see how many Amiga fans work for major tech. companies. All in all, an enjoyable long weekend.

I gave a short presentation about graphics which you can see below (courtesy of Robert Bernardo):

Link: https://youtu.be/J5gs2gJIJxs

The presentation was created on an Amiga using Hollywood Designer plus a small script tweak so that I could use a presentation remote. As requested, here's a downloadable copy of the presentation: Graphics-on-AmigaOS-AmiWest2016.lha

NOTE: You may need AmigaOS to view it. I tried playing it on my Android tablet but was thwarted by missing fonts.

I also gave a presentation at the DevCon preceding AmiWest about writing Warp3D Nova software. It was based on the tutorials that I've been posting here. Here's the video:

Link: https://youtu.be/3oNKvU3ZQEo

You can check out the tutorials here: https://keasigmadelta.co.nz/blog/tag/warp3dnova/