The first game using Warp3D Nova has just been released. It's a Minecraft type game for AmigaOS called AmiCraftNova. Originally written using OpenGL, AmiCraft's author has ported it to OpenGL ES 2.0. Well done CarasGhant (his forum nickname)!

I'm sure some will be thinking "that looks rather primitive." True, AmiCraft emulates Minecraft's blocky style which doesn't exactly showcase Warp3D Nova's capabilities. Minecraft is insanely popular due to its gameplay not its graphics.

Nevertheless, it's still the first released game using Warp3D Nova (via the OpenGL ES 2 wrapper). It's also the first Amiga game to use shaders and perform Transformation Clipping & Lighting (TCL) calculations on the GPU. Take a peek in AmiCraftNova's Shaders drawer if you're curious how this was done.

You can download AmiCraftNova freely from os4depot (link).


P.S., there's more Warp3D Nova stuff under development, e.g.: