Technology. When it works, it's great. Amazing things can be done with technology. When it fails, though, it becomes a frustrating time sucking monster. ZitaFTP's latest update was supposed to be released today, but a simple Cygwin update killed that plan.

Click here to watch the video on Odysee.

The first signs of trouble came last week, when some of ZitaFTP's source files no longer compiled. A compiler update had changed some standard header files, which in turn broke the build. No biggie. I had it building again within half a day.

Next, I needed to use the debugger, which is when I found out that the update had also killed the debugger. Okay, not the debugger itself, but the communication between the debugger and the code editor. I tried rolling back to an older debugger version, tried about three different code editors, and a whole bunch of other things. Nothing worked.

I'm grateful to the author of CodeLite, Eran Ifrah. He fixed the debugger issue within 24 hours. Thanks to him I was back up and running the next day.

However, this whole saga had already consumed a day and a half of productivity. There was no chance of finishing the new feature in time for release as scheduled. I have AmigaOS graphics driver work to do, and Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming. CNY is a big deal here, so I'll be taking a few days off. The ZitaFTP update will be released after CNY.