If you're signed up to the DIY mailing list, then you'll already have seen this. Otherwise, the video above is a quick update on the DIY laptop project.

Quick Summary

  • The battery holder has been completely redesigned
  • It has PTC fuses on all battery balancing cables (in addition to the one on the main circuit), so that there's no chance that a short-circuit can melt anything (which happened to the last one)
  • It's PCB based, which makes it easier to assemble, and also reduces the amount of plastic parts to produce
  • The goal is to reduce the amount of plastic parts, to lower the injection moulding or thermoforming costs
  • I'll be keeping requirements for thermoforming and injection moulding in mind as I get into designing the laptop's shell - The 3D printer is finally fully assembled, so I can finally move on to designing the laptop's shell

NOTE: I've put a lot of thought into the design, but will tell more once those thoughts are turned into actual results.


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