Good news! The CMake Tutorial, is now roughly 80% done. The next chapter is written, and I've also added a workwaround for MacOS X/CLang users who were having trouble building the RayLib examples.

What do you get? How Will The CMake Tutorial Help Me?

In its current state, The CMake Tutorial takes you from nothing, through:

  • Setting up your dev. environment
  • Building your first project using CMake
  • Using libraries
  • Creating libraries yourself
  • Writing code for multiple platforms
  • Cross-compiling for one platform to another (e.g., compiling your code to run in a web browser; yes, it's possible)
  • Handling multiple build types & targets

The CMake Tutorial provides a lot of value already, in its current pre-release state.

I Bought it Already; How do I Get the Update?

Existing owners of The CMake Tutorial can download their updated book by using the download link from their order email. Or, log into your Kea Sigma Delta account, and download it there.

You can look forward to more updates. There are three more chapters plus a few extra. These chapters will cover topics related to building large scale projects.

Where Can I Get The CMake Tutorial?

Click here to get The CMake Tutorial

NOTE: A video course is planned. Get the book now. I'll offer a good upgrade deal later, when the video course is done.