Modern Graphics Programming Primer

It's the perfect OpenGL tutorials Companion. Go beyond blindly following tutorials, and undertand the theory and hardware.

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What You Will Learn With This eBook

The ebook doesn't try to cover everything in full detail, opting instead to give you the core fundamentals you need to get started.

  • How the overall graphics pipeline works

    Get a high-level overview of how GPUs work and, therefore, how to use them.

  • Shaders and Data

    Learn about programmable shaders, what their purpose is, and the data they read (vertex arrays, textures, etc.).

  • Positioning in 3D Space

    Discover how objects and cameras are positioned in 3D space using matrix algebra

  • 3D Lighting

    Learn the basics of 3D lighting. Covers the Phong lighting model.

  • Cheat Sheet

    Copy & paste code for common basic tasks using OpenGL ES 3, SDL2, and GLM (e.g., setting up a window, loading textures, etc.).

  • More

    Get performance tips and a list of resources for further learning.

I've Made It As Easy As Possible

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The book is provided in PDF format, which is viewable on both computers and mobile devices.

About the Author

Hans de Ruiter is a software engineer with a background in computer vision and graphics. As a child/teenager he taught himself programming, constructed electronic circuits from kitsets, and also had a keen interest both science and in building things himself. He persued these interests further at university, going all the way through to a Ph.D. (at the University of Toronto).

He's written both graphics software and graphics drivers, giving him a broad understanding of how modern graphics cards work.


Price: USD $10.62 (incl. GST)