Sync Files Directly and Privately From Phone to PC Without "The Cloud"

ZitaSync automatically copies your photos, videos, business docs & files from your phone to your computer.

ZitaSync Advantages:

No fiddling with (slow) Bluetooth or USB cables
Automatically copies files across (no more manual copying)
Files are copied securely and privately directly from your phone to your computer over your own wifi network
No need to trust third-party servers with your private data

Effortless setup

It'll be as easy as scanning a qr-code & entering a pin. No complicated setup and configuration (although you can customize to your heart's content if you want). Just install, pair devices, and let ZitaSync do the rest.

Truly private (trustless) file syncing

Files synced to cloud servers are typically unencrypted, meaning you need to trust the server administrators to respect your privacy (and work hard to keep hackers out). Oppressive governments may also force them to hand over your files.

No need to trust third parties with ZitaSync, because your files are synced directly between your own devices via your own wifi network. There is no third-party. Encryption protects file transfers, so that eavesdroppers can't intercept and steal them while they are being synced.

Preserve those precious memories

Having photos and videos automatically synced to your home computer means all those precious memories are safely backed up. And we mean all of them; they're synced automatically, so no need to remember to make backups.

Losing your phone will no longer mean losing photos or videos of your kids, or special events.

Business files are ready when you are

Use your phone/tablet out in the field to record business data? ZitaSync will automatically transfer them to your workstation. They'll be waiting for you when you sit down at your computer, and get to work.

Questions & Answers

How does it work?

ZitaSync is an app on your phone. Once paired with ZitaFTP Server on your PC (computer), ZitaSync will automatically sync files from your phone to your PC when you're connected to your home wifi. New files, photos, & videos will be copied across automatically.

Which mobile devices will it run on?

ZitaSync will initially be available on Android phones & tablets, with support for more devices coming later.

Which devices get supported next depends on your feedback, so feel free to sign up to the early access list below.

Which computer systems can I sync with?

ZitaFTP Server already runs on Windows and AmigaOS 4.x, with support for more Operating Systems planned.

Which systems get supported next depends on your feedback, so feel free to sign up to the early access list below.

Can I sync files both ways (i.e., phone to PC and vice versa)?

The initial version will be one way phone to PC syncing only (let's walk before we try to run...). Bi-directional syncing is planned for later...