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Join Me on this Journey

I'm using the responses to craft a membership program that's tailored to you. It'll be focused on creating awesome stuff with software & electronics, and helping you to do the same. I envision it being part education, part community, and a lot of fun and creativity.

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Who will the membership program be for?

Two kinds of people:

  • Those who want to learn how to build cool stuff with software & electronics (or up their existing skills)
  • Tech. enthusiasts who like to watch others build cool stuff, and/or stay in the loop

What will the membership program contain?

That depends on the results of the survey, but it's likely to include: exclusive member only content, how-tos, source-code. Possibly a private forum too for asking questions, and collaboration with each other.

The content will be deliberately kept in smaller digestible chunks, because the last thing anyone needs is more information overload.

I'm also open to suggestions, so feel free to contact me if you have any bright ideas.

How much will it cost?

That is yet to be decided. It's still a very raw idea at this stage...

The goal will be to keep it affordable for you, and financially sustainable for me (so I can deliver quality content to you consistently).

Founding members will get a special price locked in for as long as they're subscribed, and also have the privilege of helping to shape what's in the program.

When will it start?

I'm aiming to get something up and running in early May, 2024.

What makes you qualified to run such a program?

    The following:

    • Decades experience in writing software, including graphics drivers, an FTP(s) server, and more
    • I've written multiple tutorials/books on software, as well as produced videos on YouTube
    • A Ph.D in engineering (computer vision), and an ungraduate degree in electrical & electronic engineering
    • Strong curiosity, and a thirst for learning. I can share both what I learn, and my enthusiasm for learning

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