Warp3D Nova

Project Description

Warp3D Nova is a shader based 2D/3D graphics API for AmigaOS 4.x. It delivers modern 3D graphics capabilities to AmigaOS, and is a huge step forward from the original Warp3D, which is rather old and antiquated. 

To deliver modern 3D, Warp3D Nova ditches backward compatibility with Warp3D, and is designed completely around how the modern Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) works.

It has the following features:

  • Supports vertex and fragment (pixel) shaders giving developers great freedom over lighting models, effects, vertex transformations, etc.
  • Hardware accelerated Transformation, Clipping & Lighting (TCL) is implicitly supported (programmed via shaders)
  • Uses the SPIR-V standard for shaders (a GLSL to SPIR-V compiler is included)
  • All rendering is done via Vertex Buffer Objects (VBOs) which can be stored in VRAM for high performance
  • Render state stored in Render State Objects (RSOs). Having no global state avoids state thrashing, and allows multi-threaded rendering.
    Note: While there's no global state, a default RSO is allocated for convenience
  • Includes an SDK with everything needed to start writing apps & games including examples ranging from querying hardware capabilities through to per-pixel lighting with normal mapping
  • Can coexist with Warp3D & MiniGL

Warp3D Nova gives AmigaOS developers new tools to create visually stunning games/software.

Project Details
  • Company:
    A-EON Technology Limited
  • Skills:
    C/C++, graphics driver development