Relight - Photo Colour Correction Software

Project Description

Relight is a specialised photo enhancement tool designed specifically for fixing colour issues in photographs (i.e., colour correction). It is a quick and easy way to:

  • Fix those party (or non-party) photos that look too red, or too pale;
  • Fix photos that are too dull, too bright, faded, or look washed out;
  • Perform other colour adjustments, and creative colour transformations;
  • Quickly scale, crop and rotate images; and,
  • Make your photos look better.

In short, it is simple yet powerful and easy to use photo colour correction software. Results can be achieved quickly, often in a matter of seconds.

Relight is free! It can be downloaded below.


Mapping Source Colours to Correct/Desired Colours

At Relight's core is a colour transformation engine. You choose coloured areas in the image, match them to the correct/desired colours, and Relight will find the best transformation to correct the image (or perform some creative effect). The desired colour could be a preselected colour (e.g., skin-colour), a custom colour, or the colour extracted from another photograph. We call this "colour correction by example."

Key Features

  • Has a simple, easy to use interface;
  • Real-time (instant) feedback and response for easy adjustment (it's GPU accelerated);
  • Colour transformation engine maps colours in the image to their correct colours;
  • Correct one photo using the colours extracted from another.

Currently available for:

  • Microsoft Windows (XP and newer)


At first I didn't quite understand how it worked, but after watching the superb included help videos, I got the hang of it...
I have used it on half a dozen pictures already, so it has already proven to be well worth the money!

Niclas Eriksson, Sweden


Want to Make Your Photos Look Better?

Download Relight Demo for WindowsDownload Relight for Windows (XP, Vista, 7 & 8)


Project Details
  • Date:
    17 Feb 2016
  • Skills:
    image processing, C++, wxWidgets