Strong Flexible Tripod - KSD-FT29

Project Description

A flexible and lightweight tripod that's strong enough to carry compact digital cameras

  • Weighs just 155 g (5.4 oz)
  • Fits easily into a bag/backpack (290×57×57 mm or 11.42×2.24×2.24")
  • Can carry all compact cameras up to 1 kg (2.20 lb)
  • Long legs can securely wrap around many different types of objects, or stand on uneven surfaces

Take Great Photos Virtually Anywhere

This flexible tripod is great for taking self-timed shots, or for steadying your camera to take razor sharp photos. Its flexible foam legs and rubber feet allow it to be placed almost anywhere. Mount it on uneven surfaces, or attach it to poles, fences, furniture, or even trees; whatever is convenient.

It's large enough that its legs can securely wrap around many different types of objects. Yes, it's also small and light weight (just 5.4 oz or 155 g), making it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. Just throw it into your backpack.

Carries the Weight of Your Camera

Many other flexible tripods are small, flimsy and buckle under the weight of most cameras (their maximum load can be as little as 275 g or 0.61 lb). The KSD-FT29 flexible tripod maximum load of approx. 1 kg (2.20 lb), so it can carry the weight of most compact cameras. It can even cope with some of the lighter SLR/DSLR cameras (depending on how big and heavy the lens is, of course).

Beware of Smaller & Cheaper Alternatives

It may be tempting to get one of the many smaller and cheaper flexible tripods, but are they really worth it? They can often carry just a fraction of the weight of this tripod (as little as 275 g, or 9.7 oz). Their shorter legs also reduce what your camera can be attached to. In fact, our flexible tripod was inspired in part thanks to the disappointment of buying such a tripod, and having it buckle under my camera's weight. That's why the KSD-FT29 tripod has long strong legs (supporting up to 1 kg or 2.20 lb); it's designed with compact cameras in mind.

Other Features

  • Quick release camera mount for easy camera attachment
  • Universal 1/4-20 screw fits almost all cameras
  • Foam legs and rubber feet provide excellent grip

Where to Buy

The tripod is currently available for purchase via: in the USA, and via TradeMe here in New Zealand.


Product Code: KSD-FT29

GTIN (EAN/UPC) Code: 0820103108997

Project Details
  • Date:
    03 Jul 2014