I'm really pleased to announce that ZitaFTP Server for AmigaOS 4 is finally done. Yes, it's a available for you to download, try, and buy.

when you go to buy, you will see four options. You can buy for one machine. Or, if you want to install it on multiple machines then you can buy a license pack for three, six, or ten machines, which will give you a bulk discount. The license packs give you one serial key that you can use on multiple machines. And in case you're wondering, when the Windows version comes out you can use the same serial key for Windows as for the Amiga (or any other systems that we'll be supporting in future).

Now, I do need to remind you that this is a pre-release. That means that there are rough edges there are missing features, the biggest one being the configuration GUI. A web based GUI is planned. You'll get free updates to those once they're released.

Either way, it's available now so I encourage you to click the link below, and try it out.

Click here to check out ZitaFTP Server.