ZitaFTP Server v1.19 has just been released. It brings us a step closer to dropping the "pre-release" label with the following updates:

  • Overwriting a file wasn't truncating it back to 0 (i.e., overwriting with a smaller file wouldn't change the file size). FIXED
  • Now starts the GUI on-demand if the port number is 0 (i.e., the User Interface (UI) server isn't started until actually needed)
  • Refactored some of the UI code to make building new UI pages and sub-pages easier
  • Implemented the UI for creating, editing and deleting both users and virtual directories

The big new change is that you can now create, edit & delete both users and the directories being served (i.e., virtual directories). Most of the user interface is now done, with server settings such as the port number being the last remaining UI part still missing. That'll be done next time.