I'm pleased to announce that you can now pay for items in the Kea Sigma Delta store using cryptocurrencies. Specifically:

  • Bitcoin (BTC), including with the Lightning Network (LN)
  • Litecoin (LTC), LN enabled, but probably not needed
  • Monero (XMR)

Click here to watch the video on Odysee.

It's been a long time coming, and setting up the server has taken some time. Check out the video above to see the server. Yes, it's literally a small server a corner of my home...

Lightning Network

Bitcoin's fees have become so high that it's unusable for small transactions. This is where the Lightning Network (LN) comes in. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a pain to set up. You need "inbound liquidity" in order to receive payments. This basically means other people need to open LN channels to your payment node with money at their end.

Kea Sigma Delta's bitcoin LN has some inbound liquidity, but would welcome some more. Here's the node's address if you're interested in connecting:


Full disclosure: our transaction volume isn't high enough for you to get rich processing LN transactions. So, if earning money running a bitcoin LN is your goal, then I suggest you connect to bigger nodes on the network.

What About X Coins?

I expect people will ask if I can support their favourite coins. For example, I bet pirate chain (ARRR) fans will say "Hey, you support monero. What about pirate chain?"

I will consider supporting other cryptocurrencies, but there are some requirements:

  1. The currency needs to have a fully supported and tested BTCPay server module (pirate chain fans, you have work to do...)
  2. My little server needs to have enough disk space to support it (blockchains are big, and always get bigger)

I can only support so many currencies before the hardware (and internet bandwidth) requirements get too big.

How Do I Pay Using Bitcoin/Crypto?

You will obviously need a Bitcoin/crypto wallet with some money. I recommend getting a hardware wallet, but it's up to you.

Next, add items to your card in the store as usual. On checkout, select "BTCPay (Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Litecoin, Monero, ...)" as payment method. Click on "Proceed to BTCPay, and follow the instructions there.

The process is very easy once you've learnt how to use your bitcoin wallet.