It's taken a while and several iterations, but I've finally got a a full HD (1920x1080) LCD panel and controller that I'm happy with.

What I like:

  • Full HD screen with low response time
  • A matte anti-glare screen surface
  • The controller has a sturdy cable & connector to the LCD panel
  • Can be powered from a USB charger (nice and easy)
  • Works well; just connect it all up and power it on

Want one for your project?

I ordered some extra, and added them to the store. If they're sold out, just backorder one (I can order more).

Click here to get your own LCD panel & controller.

Curious what I'm up to?

Yes, I'm working on something interesting (always am ;-) ). If you want to know more then sign up for updates via the link below.

EDIT: More on the project, here.