NOTE: This video was released to the laptop mailing list two weeks ago (16 July 2018). You can get the latest on this project too, by clicking here and signing up to the mailing list.

Quick Summary

  • The laptop will have a sheet-metal inner case, with a plastic outer shell
  • The 3D printer has given plenty of trouble
    WARNING: Inductive sensors used to measure the print bed height are temperature sensitive. Calibrate at the wrong temperature and the measurement will be off, which may push the print head into the bed
  • Have made a 3D print of the internal case. However, I accidentally set the slicer software to print support structures in a strong hexagonal cross-hatched manner, which is strong and can't be removed. So, I showed the internal layout via the 3D modeller instead
  • The printed case gives you an idea of the size
  • Internally, the case will have two fans sucking air over the UPS and then across everything else
  • The hard drive will be mounted above the graphics card so that it's easy to remove, and it also gives more space for graphics cards with thick coolers
  • The PCIe mounting bracket was the hardest thing to get right, but I have a design that squeezes it in securely
  • Up next: create a model of the keyboard, design the LCD panel mount and, finally, the outer case

NOTE: The internal case will be made of aluminium. 3D printing is for prototyping (having something you can see and hold).

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