The Founder

Hans portraitThe founder - Hans de Ruiter - has always had a strong interest in science and technology. As a child/teenager he taught himself programming, constructed electronic circuits from kitsets, and also had a keen interest both science experiments and in building things himself. He also had a desire to develop technologies that make life better for people, even if in a small way. Persuing these interests further, he gained a degree in electrical & electronic engineering (University of Canterbury, 2003), and eventually a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in 2008.

While the University environment certainly feeds his appetite for research, Hans also has a bit of an entrepreneurial streak. Hence, Kea Sigma Delta Limited was founded. It is a vehicle through which all of these interests can be persued.

Aside from science and technology, most things interest him. That child-like curiosity of the world around him has never left. In particular, he also enjoys hiking and the outdoors. Playing violin and piano are also spare time hobbies of his.

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